Parking Space Management - Single Car Park

A car park associated with a hotel, school, hospital or even an office or small manufacturing site can be made much more efficient and easy to manage by using Nortech’s cost-effective standalone vehicle count management system.

Parking Space Management - Single Car Park solution diagram

Nortech’s standalone vehicle counting system is based on the NCT100 counter control module. It facilitates the monitoring of the availability of free parking bays in one or two car parks and provides information to customers as they arrive. It provides a cost-effective method of managing car park occupancy using bright, elegant parking display signs.

The most common application for the standalone solution is a single car park with one or more entrances and exits where vehicles are counted as they arrive and leave. The counts are managed by the NCT100 counter control module, which can maintain up to four occupancy counts and drive corresponding parking display signs where required.

Vehicle movements are monitored by using vehicle detectors to detect and determine the direction of vehicles as they flow through the various access points to the car park. This method takes into account circulating vehicles as well as those in parking bays.

Nortech’s range of full colour variable display signs can display available space counts plus other messages such as FULL, OPEN and SPACES with several user-selectable colour options. Where access control and barriers are used, the NCT100 controller can also prevent vehicles from entering when the car park is full.


  • Hotel parking
  • Small commercial car parks
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and clinics


  • Cost-effective customer guidance solution for simpler car parking applications
  • Clear, bright signs that can operate in harsh lighting conditions
  • Sign artwork created to customer specification allowing them to promote their brand
  • Compact, easy to install control system
  • Cost-effective investment with low running costs
  • Multiple colour options for LED displays
  • Visitors are aware of available parking spaces, minimising time wasting and avoiding congestion

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