Access Control for Homeowners

August 23, 2016

At Nortech we specialise in providing reliable, affordable and over all secure access systems to businesses of all sizes. Today I'm going to outline some of the key elements behind the use of these systems for individual high end properties and why they should be used over your standard security & alarm systems.

Access control for homeowners

The set-up is easy, with a mastercard being used to configure users, adding or removing when necessary. User cards can be used to gain access and aux cards can be used to gain access into restricted areas.


The primary advantage is these systems can be connected directly to your alarm. The control systems can also be used by up to 500 different users. This means you can have not only the individuals using the property, but also any family members or close friends that may need access in emergency situations. You can also add other individuals such as contractors, builders or gardeners.


Not only can these units secure your home but they can also be connected to the lighting and heating facilities in your property or business.


These systems are guaranteed for 5 years with Nortech, against defects or workmanship. This makes the product not only extremely secure but also more cost effective than your standard access alarm system.


Important information: 

  • Supply Voltage: 9V DC to 16V DC.
  • Dimensions (mm): 111 | 49 | 19.
  • Suitable for Outdoor and indoor use.
  • Operating Temperature of -30C to 50C.
  • Reading range of 800mm.
  • Tri Colour LED Display.

For more information on these products or to get a quote visit the access control systems page.