Adapt your car parks to keep your workforce fit and healthy

May 30, 2017

In today’s busy commuting work lifestyles we read no end of stories about the health problems associated with our sedentary lives.

The NHS UK News website recently stated that if you want to live longer and reduce your cancer risk you needed to get on your bike.  A study carried out by the University of Glasgow, which was published in the British Medical Journal, showed that those who commuted to work by bike had lower risks for heart disease and cancer when compared against commuters using other forms of transport.


Step one: How can Business’ encourage their employees to get on their bike? Through the Cycle to Work Scheme, employees can spend up to £1,000 on a new bicycle and safety equipment.  Basically, your employer buys the bike and safety accessories at the full retail price and the balance is then recovered from a reduction in the employee’s gross salary as a tax saving over a year or 18 months. Employers also benefit from National Insurance contribution savings.  Under the Government’s Green Transport Plan, it’s a tax exemption which allows employers to provide cycles and accessories to employees as a tax-free benefit.

 Passive UHF tags for bikes - Nortech

Step Two: Adapt your car parks to allow easy bike access to your facilities.  Why not consider a Passive UHF Heavy Duty Tags* for your employees’ bikes – starting from £11 a bike, this easy to attach tag offers a rugged design for long term outdoor use.  It can be easily and permanently attached to any bikes and is waterproof, shock and impact resistant.  

 Waterproof UHF Bike Tag

Step Three: Designed to be work with uPASS TARGET, a Long Range Vehicle Identification System which allows your workers to be identified when using their bikes.   By using this simple and flexible battery free solution, you can decide who is allowed access to your site offering convenient, secure and hands-free parking access control.


Nortech, in conjunction with Nedap Identification Systems offer this perfect solution to keep your workforce fit and healthy whilst allowing you to still maintain central yet secure remote control of all vehicle access points and gates.


*The UHF Heavy Duty Tag is a cost effective solution for installations where the tag needs to be mounted onto the frame of the Bicycle. The tag is a passive (battery free) UHF transponder offering long-range identification up to 10 meters [33 ft] with Nedap’s uPASS Target.

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