Advantages of Dual ID in the workplace

September 26, 2017

There is no doubt that the invention of forklift trucks has helped change the design of modern warehouses and factories. 

They have become an indispensable piece of equipment which keeps evolving to keep up with customer requirements.  In fact over the last decade we are finding that electric forklift models are now becoming even more popular and cost effective options.

With ever changing modern industries and ever increasing growth targets to be met.... how can companies ensure that forklifts, a machine originally invented in 1906 ticks all their modern daily work day requirements including integrating it as part of their site security?

These modern “just in time” industries still need to ensure secure access control in the work place for both staff and vehicles.

Nortech Control supplies Nedap’s tried and tested vehicle & driver identification security solutions specifically designed for busy warehouses / factories / industrial units.

The long-range TRANSIT readers combined with Boosters work with all compliant smartcards technologies to control vehicles’ and personnel’s’ access in and out of the loading bays or entrances.

Nedap long range transit reader    Nedap Transit smart card booster   Nedap Transit on loading bay         

The solution consists of a TRANSIT reader which is installed near or above the warehouse / factory entrances and patented Smartcard Boosters which are attached inside forklifts.   The Smartcard Boosters use Dual ID technology to read and transmit the latest smart card technologies (such as Mifare, HID iCLASS or LEGIC) up to distances of 10 metres and at high driving speeds to the TRANSIT readers.  

Nedap Smart card booster

Each smart card booster contains a unique vehicle identification number which can be combined with the driver’s personal smartcard for building access.  This enables fast, convenient and secure access for all authorised vehicles and drivers. 

From a health and safety aspect this solution importantly ensures that a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless it is occupied by an authorised driver

Nedap recently installed this solution at the Swiss Post Office, the biggest services company in Switzerland which has 44,803 employees.  After a major investment into modernising the way it operated by building new sorting centres, the company realised that protecting its infrastructure from unauthorised entry / access was of the utmost importance.

The mail sorting centre was directly situated on a railway track.  Mail loads were frequently transported by fork-lift trucks through the secured goods-in platform.  They needed to speed up the unloading process but did not want to renounce on security.  The above mentioned fork-lift truck operator’s multi- functional employee card was therefore ideal for their requirements.

The multi- functional employee card was also used for keeping a record of time and attendance, canteen payments and to allow access to other specific parts of the business.   For a company as large as the Swiss Post Office, it was important that the cards could be linked to their existing system for employee data administration without the need to purchase additional or new cards. Nedap  Dual ID installation Switzerland

As well as a clear increase in efficiency and security, this solution provided an additional benefit as driver no longer needed to look for their employee card to go through entrances / exits but could concentrate on what was important, namely driving.

So whether you choose a liquid fuelled or electric forklift for your factory / warehouse requirements make sure you secure your assets, know who is driving your forklifts and where they are allowed access.

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