Blog Series: Access Control in the Education Sector

February 12, 2016

Controlling access to school campuses and buildings is an important issue for school administrators. They need to maintain a user-friendly, welcoming school climate while ensuring that the facility is safe and secure, both when school is in session and when the buildings are unoccupied.

There are many simple procedures that can be followed to deter intruders from entering the facility and to reduce the risk of students and parents straying into restricted areas. These include limiting visitor access points to a single, clearly marked ‘main’ entrance, posting warning notices about potential trespassing charges, and reducing the number of doors that can be opened from the outside, and managing vehicle access to school perimeter.

The use of an electronic access control system makes managing access control much easier and far more effective. It can also offer methods of improving security, health and safety, staff management and student supervision. Benefits that should be seriously considered when procuring access control equipment.

Nowadays, the rapid advancement in security technology offers wide range of access control solutions for both people and vehicle access.

One of the popular solutions is the use of proximity cards for school staff with card readers at key entrances such as the main entrance, doors used for breaks/playground activities and physical education classes.

On the other hand, biometric readers offer extremely high security, for areas containing expensive equipment, or demanding added security levels.

Apart from managing people access, schools have to also consider what is happening in their car park entrances. Vehicle access control solutions, such as ANPR cameras help schools to effectively manage vehicle access to their car parks.

In order to illustrate why such access control systems are essential for safety and security, and demonstrate just how many applications they have, we decided to create a weekly blog post series dedicated to education sector. Next week we will be covering access control in primary schools. So stay tuned for tips and information on how a comprehensive access control system can improve the running of an educational establishment and save on costs.

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