Hands-free access control in the Health Sector

January 24, 2017

hands free access control in hospitals

Controlling access to hospitals or establishments within the Health Sector is essential to allow staff to easily move around specific areas including sterile environments such as operating theatres and laboratories.   


The National Patients safety foundation has issued sensible guidelines which everyone should know in order to prevent infections developing in a hospital environment. The number one quoted for any health care setting is.... “Wash your hands carefully after handling any type of soiled materials” this includes many objects in hospital environment.  In fact hospitals provide antibacterial wash when entering and exiting various places in a hospital but more can be done to ensure surfaces which could carry bacteria are not touched at all.


Nortech offer hands-free access control solutions which are both secure yet user-friendly. This benefits maintenance staff, porters, ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors and surgeons.  It can restrict access to areas containing dangerous equipment or medicines and grant access to areas where escorting patients in wheelchairs / beds or carrying sterile equipment is important.


Nedap’s uPASS Access UHF readers’ offer hands-free building access opening doors at a distance of up to 2 metres whereas their uPASS Reach readers offers long-range vehicle identification opening barriers to authorised vehicles at up to 4 metres without the need for the driver to present a card or badge.


When combined together you create a total hands-free environment, allowing secure but traceable freedom of movement from your staff car park right through to a ward or an operating theatre.

   Public health agency of Canada

 Above extract from "Hospital-Acquired Infections Stop Preventable Deaths -The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions / CUPE January 2017 - CUPE Research document"


There is no doubt that Nortech’s hands-free access control systems can improve the running of a Hospital establishment, read our solutions page on or for more details call us on 01633 485533

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