How to Help Clients With Many Brief Visitors

August 17, 2015

Lots of businesses need short term access control. Theme parks, museums and attractions often sell access to their facilities by the day, and the same can also apply to train stations or leisure centres. Normally, handing out access cards or fobs could be costly. That’s because lots of visitors would simply forget to return their cards, but the technology exists to provide short term access while keeping costs low.


2 Ways to Provide Short Term Access:


1) Install a Card Capture Reader

With this method, you put a set number off accesses on something like a MiFare card. Then when it is used up, the card capture reader holds onto the card, which can then be re-used. Of the two solutions, this provides best security.


2) Use a Barcode System

You could simply have a barcode printed out onto a piece of paper for each visitor. A scanner could then give permission to a controller to open a door or barrier, and after use, the paper could be thrown away. Obviously, this is the more cost effective solution.

The above approach means more business processes can be automated. Companies could even send tickets or cards in the post, and while it creates a labour saving, it also makes the visitor’s experience easier.