Key Fob Entry Systems & Their Industrial Uses

November 02, 2016

Key fob ACCESS systems

Electronic key fobs are increasing in popularity not just for commercial premises, but for a wide variety of buildings, including blocks of flats and single domestic residences where they offer a real sense of security and peace of mind.

Card and security key fob systems are incredibly versatile. They allow managers, landlords, housing associations and homeowners to provide codes, ID key fobs, or cards instead of keys, which allows access to be granted or revoked via a token system. Unlike with traditional keys, this removes any risk of access codes being copied, or found, and used by unauthorised users.

What Are Key Fobs Used For?

Ideal for use in hotels, sports clubs, offices, factories, schools, banks or in multi-occupancy buildings such as apartment blocks, gated communities or single domestic residences.

At Nortech, we have over 25 years experience working with an extensive range of clients. By using our security fob access systems, you guarantee that you are safe from unauthorised users.


Advantages of key fobs:

  1. No longer need to change locks or re-issue keys if they are stolen or lost – simply delete previous code and simply re-programme a new key fob. If the key fob is found it will no longer grant access.
  2. Key fob cannot be copied unlike conventional keys.
  3. Key fob entry systems can be used to unlock: gates, barriers or door entry systems.
  4. Offers enhanced security as it eliminates doors being left unlocked as once a door is closed it automatically locks.
  5. Flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when. This ensures building; people and assets are secure even when providing temporary access to tradesmen or cleaners.
  6. Systems can be used to track who enters or exits a door at a particular time and can be used in conjunction with time and attendance software to provide an audit of staff movements for payroll or to provide a site roll call in the event of a fire.
  7. If higher security is needed – it is possible to link the access control system to a CCTV system. When a key fob or card is presented it will check a CCTV image of the person requesting entry and match it to their facial recognition photo to ensure the person entering is the person they are meant to be.

A good access control system with key fobs offers a good balance between higher security and freedom of movement for all users.

Nortech provides an extensive range of swipe card systems, key fob systems and ID devices for access control.