Steve completes Berlin challenge!

July 07, 2017

Our MD Stephen Blackler has recently completed yet another endurance event in support of the orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in East Africa for David Sheldrick's wildlife trust (DSWT).

After climbing Mount Meru, Tanzania's second-highest mountain last year, Stephen this year took on the Velothon Berlin 2017 which is a single-day road bicycle race held annually in June in Berlin, Germany.  

This Velothon is considered to be the fastest urban race in Berlin, all the roads are completely closed, neither cars nor traffic lights can stop you getting to the finish line.    

Stephen trained hard and took on the 120 km challenge enjoying crossing the finish line with a smile in front of thousands of spectators after a gruelling 4 hours cycle ride.

 Stephen Blackler Berlin Velothon 2017


Not only is Stephen staying fit it is also enabling Nortech to continue to foster our two baby elephants: ARRUBA and MURERA. As a foster parent Nortech receives monthly updates from the Keeper's Diary, where we can track their individual progress and weekly activities.

The DSWT incorporates all measures that complement the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife. DSWT activities include The Orphans Project, with the help of individuals and organisations that decided to support Trust’s Fostering Programme. We feel very honoured to foster and would encourage others to consider taking on this most rewarding role.