The Importance of ANPR in Keeping a Business Secure

November 21, 2016

ANPR systems offer a powerful and cost effective method of controlled access or monitoring vehicle movements across a broad range of applications.

ANPR city

Most members of the public will be aware that police forces tend to use ANPR to track down criminal behaviour or to detect speeding through average speed calculation on multiple lane motorways. ANPR is principally designed to be an alert system with the ability to scan and read over three thousand number plates per hour.


As costs come down, ANPR security and analytical solutions are no longer simply reserved for law enforcement agencies but are increasingly being used by commercial organisations to record vehicle details such as entry and exit times or to grant visitors access to their sites


ANPR technology uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.

ANPR solution


ANPR is specifically used for access control purposes such as controlling gates, barriers or site perimeter access, it is usually placed at site entrances where the ANPR camera will read approaching number plates, granting access to vehicles whose incoming number plate is already on a database of pre-authorised users.


Access Control based ANPR solutions tend to be popular in the following environments:  airports / ports, car parks, business sites both industrial or office based, hospitals, sports complexes, schools, logistic hubs, gated flats and communities where it has the ability to increase security without the need for tags or proximity cards in vehicles.


Nortech offer Nedap’s tried and tested ANPR Access cameras alongside a series of ANPR stainless steel bollard/posts specifically designed to house either the Nedap ANPR Access or Nedap ANPR Access-HD cameras.

ANPR traffic bollard


Nortech also offer a Dual height stainless steel post which allows a traffic signal to be mounted at the top ideal for applications where visual traffic management is also required.