UHF Credential Enrolment Made Easy

September 18, 2019

Here at Nortech, we try to make life easy for administrators and operations staff to manage their access control system. We have been supplying enrolment readers for RFID credentials for many years and support a range of proximity and smart card technologies. This enables operation staff to quickly enrol a new card on an access control system such as Norpass3 by presenting the card to a desk top reader and entering the card holder’s details before issuing the card.

We can now also support the enrolment of UHF credentials with our DT2 UHF enrolment reader.

UHF Enrolment Reader DT2-9958240-0000


Regardless of the card number format, the DT2 UHF enrolment reader can read the data from EPC Gen 2 passive UHF tags supplied for use with Nedap uPASS Access, uPASS Reach and uPASS Target readers and present the card number to access control host PC in the required format to be entered into the access control card database during an enrolment operation.

The reader can be configured using the supplied configuration program so that the data is presented over a USB port in the correct format required by the access control system, avoiding the need to type in the data and avoiding typing errors.

Windscreen tags, vehicle mounting tags, standard cards and combi-cards can be presented to the reader at a range of up to 30cm (all other UHF tags must be kept outside that range or kept within a metal container/foil wrap during enrolment).

The DT2 UHF enrolment reader requires a 24V DC power supply to power the UHF reader head.

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