Versatile Gym Membership Access Control

September 27, 2016

Since 2013 there has been a steady increase in the number of “reception free” gyms. These are the modern 24/7 gyms with hassle free entry, purchase online, receive a code and walk into the gym. It’s great for the busy individuals or anyone with strange working hours where the average 7-7 gym wouldn’t be an option.

Nortech reception free gyms

The software used in these gyms is very user friendly, there is also a growing market for the mobile or app based downloads that allow you to track your time in the gym, calories burnt, nutrition and much more. This can even be connected to track your sleep and give you advice on how to become healthier.

At Nortech, we have spent many years developing leading 24/7 gym access control systems with business and customers in mind. We ensure every gym goer has the most user-friendly experience using our gym access control systems.


1) There are a number of advantages to these gym membership access control programmes:

  • Information can be easily extracted to identify customer trends, which can act as market research for the gym.
  • This information than then be used to improve the facilities, service or overall experience of the gym. Leading to improved performance of the members and marketing through word of mouth.
  • Provides round the clock, convenient security and secure access for members.
  • No need for staff on the front desk or in the gym.
  • Easy to monitor the flow of members in the gym.
  • Can be used to control car park entry and exit.
  • Provide automatic barrier to late payment fees.
  • Can be used to block certain areas of the gym off after certain times, e.g. The swimming pool after 8pm when no life guard is present.
  • No time issues with replacing lost, damaged or stolen codes or cards.


2) The Solution

  • Easy to set up card readers on gym entry doors, barriers, turnstiles and any other access/exit points.
  • Nortech’s CRC400 series is widely used use in the leisure industry where it is combined with third party membership software offering a full gym access control system.
  • Nortech’s Universal reader interface controller can support many third party readers and keypads in order to be bolted onto an existing systems.

These 24/7 gym access control systems are ideal for fitness centres, spa & health club systems, sports & leisure club software to help provide around the clock secure access and overall improved efficiency of how the gym runs. For more information on Nortech's range, feel free to contact us.