ANPR Controls Access to Historic Dockyard


the client

Managed by the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, Chatham Historic Dockyard occupies the site of the former royal/naval dockyard at Chatham in Kent. It includes a thriving maritime museum with around 170,000 visitors annually, together with a mixed residential and business community with 400 residents and over 100 small businesses and organisations.

Chatham Historic Dockyard claims to be the world’s most complete dockyard of the 'Age of Sail'.

the challenge

The site had several vehicle access points that were controlled using manually operated security barriers. In order to improve traffic flow, it was necessary to replace the manual system and to fully automate vehicle access to and from the site. The new system was required to automatically recognise authorised vehicles as they approached access points and grant them access through automatic traffic barriers.

It was necessary to improve the site security to meet Ofsted specifications, while allowing easy access for school staff, students and authorised visitors.

the solution

Kent based SBR Steris was requested to provide an appropriate solution. With almost 50 years' combined experience in the supply, installation and commissioning of fire and security solutions, access control systems, automatic barrier installations and gate automation, SBR Steris evaluated the site requirements and chose to install Nedap ANPR cameras, supplied and supported by Nortech Control Systems. The ANPR cameras housed in elegant stainless steel posts were fitted alongside CAME automatic barriers to detect and read the number plates of approaching vehicles.

Each compact all-in-one Nedap ANPR camera, analyser and infrared illuminator identifies a number plate and uses an interface unit to sent a corresponding ID to an access control system, where it is checked for validity. If valid, the access control system sends an open signal to the barrier and records the event.

This provides a fast and unobtrusive means of validating the authority of vehicles as they enter and leave the site, while maintaining a record of their movements.

the benefits

  • Vehicle access control without the need for vehicle tags
  • Improved flow of traffic whilst maintaining site security
  • Easy and seamless integration of ANPR with Access Control Systems
  • Centralised control of all barriers

customer's comments

“SBR’s customers were so impressed with the increased flow of traffic with the initial test results on the first site entrance that they commissioned a duplicate system on the second site entrance” - Mike Wigley, Director SBR Steris Ltd

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