Biometrics Control Staff and Protect Public at Hospital Construction Site

the client

Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies. A recent construction project was Phase 2 of the Children’s Hospital for Wales situated on the site of the University Hospital of Wales in the Heath area of Cardiff. It includes a new critical care unit, 5 paediatric theatres, a radiology suite, a clinical assessment unit, an outpatients department, 99 inpatient beds and a 14 bedded day unit.


the challenge

It was necessary to provide a security system for the construction site in the middle of the very large, bustling hospital to prevent patients and visitors accidentally entering the site, thereby endangering themselves.

A biometric reader based access control system was needed to control three full‑height turnstiles to provide a secure method of controlling the movement of staff and contractors on and off the site. This would be more cost‑effective than the use of manned guards.


the solution

RAS Security supplied a Norpass controlled access system with six Ievo fingerprint readers, which were fitted and configured by local partner, Secure IT. The system controls entry and exit access through three full‑height turnstiles located at the site entrances. All authorised staff members and contractors were required to register their fingerprints on the system and then use the Ievo fingerprint readers to gain access through the turnstiles for both entering and leaving the site. This enables the site management team to keep track of all personnel on the site and ensures that no unauthorised personnel can enter the hazardous area.


the benefits

  • Biometric readers provide extremely high security to safeguard members of the public and control staff movement
  • The use of entry and exit readers enables personnel movement tracking, and Norpass3 software provides accurate contractor attendance records to resolve disputes
  • Ievo fingerprint readers provide reliable identification under harsh conditions


customer's comment

"The system is good. It’s great for looking at productivity and disputes over resource" - Chris Edmonds, Site Manager at Interserve Construction Limited


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