Nottingham Park Estate Converts to ANPR



Nottingham Park Estate Limited (NPEL) was formed in 1985 essentially to maintain and improve the estate for its members and residents. It is a private residential housing estate to the west of Nottingham which is noted for its Victorian architecture and gas street lighting. 


A reliable vehicle identification system was needed to replace the ageing HyperX long-range RFID tagging system used to control vehicle access in and out of the estate.

Cheshire based company, Sitewatch Fire & Surveillance Ltd, a leading security systems consultant, installer and operator was commissioned to identify a suitable upgrade solution. They chose an ANPR based Access Control solution from Nortech. This provides a secure and flexible means of managing access in and out of the estate for all residents, park staff and authorised visitors.


Supported by Nortech, Sitewatch installed ANPR HD cameras at each access point to the estate, replacing the old vehicle tag readers. The cameras are linked to the Norpass3 Access Control system and the number plate of each authorised vehicle is registered within the Norpass3 system. The ANPR camera can automatically read the number plate at up to 10 metres as a vehicle approaches the access point. The plate is passed to the Norpass controller for validation and, if valid, access is granted to the vehicle.

This avoids the need to issue vehicle tags to valid users, eliminating initial and ongoing tag replacement costs while reducing administrative time and cost.


  • Improved access experience for residents, visitors and tradesmen
  • Simple upgrade to Norpass access control system
  • Simplifies the administration procedures
  • Major reduction in ongoing costs
  • Improved administration features


"The new system improved customer convenience and put an end to vehicles trying to use the park for a shortcut"

Gary Jackson  Branch Manager, North Region

Sitewatch Fire & Surveillance Ltd


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