uPASS Reach Provides Primary Vehicle Access Solution for Science Park



Exeter Science Park is a business park developed by the Exeter Science Park Company, a partnership between Devon County Council, the University of Exeter, the Exeter City Council and the East Devon District Council. It is a 26 hectare site located on the outskirts of the city of Exeter next to junction 29 of the M5 motorway.


The site has 2 entry lanes and 3 exit lanes. A vehicle access control solution was required to resolve problems at these entry and exit points. It was necessary to reduce staff involvement in barrier control, relieve congestion at the barriers, and improve reporting data using a sustainable solution that has low maintenance costs. 


Each entry and exit lane has been fitted with a barrier, a HD ANPR camera and a uPass long-range tag reader.

The tag reader is used as the primary method of access control. Staff members will attach their RFID tags in their windscreens. Upon approach to the entry barrier the Nedap uPass reader senses the RFID tag. The uPass reader passes the information the barrier control, which opens the barrier. The whole process takes approximately 3 seconds. The same procedure is used on the exit barriers.

For staff that don’t have RFID tags and visitors, a secondary system using HD ANPR cameras provides access control. This removes the need for any ticket issue/chip coin at entry, avoiding human involvement and resulting in a faster throughput on entry and exit.

Further staff and tenants can be added to a limitless categorised white list using the vehicle number plate as the ID. The white list can be used to allow automatic entry of visitors without the driver having to press the intercom button. 


  • Cost-effective and reliable hands-free access control
  • Windscreen tags are read at up to 5 metres
  • Prevents unauthorised vehicle access
  • Allows vehicles to be tracked


"The uPass long-range tag reader has allowed a quicker throughput through the barrier, whilst improving security on vehicle access. We are extremely happy with the positive impact the product has had on our client".

Mustafe OmarBusiness Development Manager, Newpark Solutions.


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