Is ANPR good to secure car parks?

January 08, 2020

ANPR Lumo: A Flexible and Reliable Solution for Car Park Security

No one enjoys parking, but it is a necessary step in a journey to an end destination. To make the process easier, access control specialists Nortech suggest that secure sites like staff car parks and parking areas in luxury apartment blocks, holiday parks and caravan sites can benefit from Nedap’s latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Lumo system.

Using ANPR to secure car parks really can be the ideal solution which is often overlooked.

The Lumo combines ANPR and access control in one single unit to create an easy to install standalone system that has the option to easily configure time-based access control lists via the ANPR Lumo Web interface. Generating an approved number plate list is also simple whether it is for permanent residents or staff as the ANPR Lumo can be used to grant temporary access to controlled areas for visitors, holiday makers and touring caravans.

Nortech ANPR secures car parks

Providing 24-hour access to secure sites or car parks is automated by entering the relevant vehicle’s number plate into the system. When pre-approved vehicles turn up, the barrier will open allowing free flowing vehicle access in and out of any secure site and access can equally be removed or revoked at any time using the ANPR Lumo’s web interface.

ANPR systems have been around for a number of years and can deliver substantial benefits to secure site operators and consumers alike. Its technology was created to help end queuing at barriers and is an ideal standalone solution for busy sites which require secure vehicle access.

The ANPR Lumo is an all-in-one licence plate camera, including embedded software, analyser and IR illuminator. With a range of action of 2 to 10 metres, the advanced camera ensures a smooth recognition of vehicles.

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