March 21, 2019

A significant advance in parking detection technology is set for April 2019. The driving force behind this is the latest offering of Inductive Loop Parking Detectors from Nortech - The 8 Series.


   8 series loop detector  


Nortech’s new flagship boxed detector range boasts both intuitive and innovative detection technology packaged in a compact, slimline housing - which bucks the trend of its predecessors. The 8 Series range of single and dual channel detectors is set to cater to market demand for detectors that facilitate “plug-and-play” installation whilst still allowing full site configuration using the state-of-the-art DU800 diagnostics device and mobile app for the more tech savvy.      


8 series diagnostics


The sleek new housing is a result of a conscious move away from the traditional 11-pin relay base to a slimline DIN Rail mount housing which exposes more physical connection options. The 8 Series detectors incorporate Nortech’s cutting-edge modular design, allowing for the expansion of channels, outputs and communication interfaces via the ingenious expansion port.  

Installation, configuration and diagnostics have been transformed by the introduction of the 8 Series range. The conventional DIP switches have been replaced by the DU800 diagnostic device which interfaces with the detector via a USB-type port on the front of the detector. The DU800 provides wireless communication – via a WLAN link - facilitating detector configuration and installation verification.

A mobile app is available for download on any Android or iOS device which presents configuration and diagnostic information in an intuitive, easy-to-read format. Any change in the configuration parameters made within the app will update the settings on the detector, resulting in a completely wireless configuration solution.  The wireless interface also allows for over-the-air firmware upgrades at the click of a button.   

The combination of sleek aesthetics and innovative technology renders the 8 Series the most intuitive and powerful parking detector yet.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind. 

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