Nortech Joins AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Preferred Partner Program

June 19, 2017

Nortech Partner AMAG


Nortech Control Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce they have been selected to join AMAG Technology’s rapidly growing Symmetry™ Preferred Partner Program.  AMAG has certified the integration of Nortech’s uPASS Reach and Transit Ultimate long range readers which utilise proven Nedap technologies.  Both of these products offer reliable Vehicle Access Control and are certified to be used with AMAG’s latest Symmetry Access Control software.  The products require specific card types but these Wiegand readers are compatible with all Symmetry door controllers.


Nortech is an independent company specialising in design, manufacture and distribution of innovative access control, card access, and vehicle access solutions.  With over 25 years experience of providing people and vehicle access control solutions to its customers and partners in the security industry, Nortech are well positioned to offer training, technical support and advice on the certified products to all AMAG’s customers and partners.

Nedap's uPASS Reach Nedap Target

Nedap’s uPASS Reach and uPASS Target are robust passive tag    readers using UHF technology. They offer between 5 to 10  metre read range and are an ideal, long lasting, cost effective  solution for access control or for monitoring the traffic flow in  residential or commercial projects.


Transit Ultimate on the other hand uses semi-active tags and RFID technology enabling automatic multi-lane, vehicle identification at distances of up to 10 metres and at speeds of up to 125mph. It is used globally for high security applications and demanding vehicle access control applications in harsh environmental conditions.


AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed for every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations. Symmetry is easy to use and with a large range of features to increase security and improve productivity of security and facility management teams.


David Ella, AMAG Technology, Vice President-Product and Partner Programs welcomes this new partnership stating, “Customers can now integrate access control with vehicle access to provide another layer of security in environments where controlling vehicle access is critical to security.”