May 02, 2018

People and vehicle access control specialist Nortech is now offering a new cost-effective and reliable passive UHF RFID product ideal for long range identification. 

The company offers a number of products in the Nedap uPASS range that use vehicle tagging to identify individual vehicles while they are moving through a monitoring point. With reading ranges of up to 10 metres and an assortment of tagging options, Nortech caters for a wide variety of applications.

The popular Nedap uPASS range, which includes the uPASS Target and the uPASS Reach, offers numerous long-range identification solutions. UHF tags easily allow vehicles access to car parks and gated communities.

New to the range is the uPASS Target Antenna, an external antenna for use with the uPASS Target reader, which uses passive UHF RFID technology to identify vehicles and people up to 10 metres. By adding the uPASS Target Antenna to the uPASS Target reader, the read-range can be cost effectively extended to cover a wider detection area. Additionally, the external antenna can be used in situations where reading of both vehicle entry and exit lanes is required using a single bi-directional barrier. The uPASS Target reader has a TNC port to allow connection to one external antenna.

The uPASS Target is a robust solution for long-range identification of vehicles, people and rolling stock. It is ideal both for access control to gated sites and for close monitoring of traffic flow activities at industrial sites and logistic depots. Its Plug-and-Play features enable it to be installed in just a few simple steps, and its variety of industry-standard communication interfaces support seamless integration into any existing or new third party systems for access control, logistic operations, security and parking.

Nedap uPASS Reach

The Nedap uPASS Reach reader on the other hand offers long-range vehicle identification up to five metres using the latest UHF technology, with the reader installed next to the gate or barrier that it is controlling. A long-range passive UHF tag visible in direct line of sight will be identified at up to five metres and the reader output allows the access control system to open the gate/barrier when an authorised vehicle arrives without the need for the driver to present a card or badge.


UHF tag options Nortech


To work alongside the uPASS range, Nedap has designed four different UHF tags to suit all environments. For inside the vehicle, the UHF Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 10 metres and offers cost-effective long range vehicle identification for access applications. There is also a tamper-proof version of this tab available for additional security.


Nedap UHF exterior tag

For use outside, Nedap offer a passive UHF Exterior Tag that offers vehicle identification up to a distance of ten metres in combination with the uPASS Target. For added security, the UHF Exterior Tag uses a transparent and tamper-resistant adhesive, it is protected against harmful UV rays and is ideal for use on headlights when windscreens are entirely metalised or covered by a solar film with metal particles.


Nedap UHF Heavy Duty TAG


The Nedap UHF Heavy Duty tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long-range identification up to 10 metres with the uPASS Target or five metres with the uPASS Reach. This tag features a rugged design for long term use in outdoor and industrial environments. The UHF Heavy Duty Tag is a cost-effective solution for installations where the tag needs to be mounted onto the exterior of the vehicle and can also be cable tied or bolted onto bicycles, forklifts and many other industrial devices.


Nedap UHF ISO Combi Card


Used for both people and vehicle access, the UHF ISO Combi Card is a card featured with long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology. It enables the use of one card for both vehicle and building access applications. Available with a range of formats such as Mifare, LEGIC and HID.

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