S40 13.56 MHz PIN/Contactless Reader

S40 13.56 MHz PIN/Contactless Reader

'Enhanced Security Through Dual Authentication'

The S40 is an integrated keypad and contactless card reader that is robust and weather resistant. It provides enhanced security and is able to endure continuous outdoor use in exposed and unsupervised locations.

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Product Features & Benefits

Featuring genuine HID® iCLASS SE®, Seos®, contactless technology, this access control keypad offers enhanced security using dual authentication. It provides a means of gaining authorised access through a secured door or barrier by the entry of a valid PIN together with the presentation of an authorised 13.56 MHz contactless card, token or Seos® compatible NFC device.

When using existing 13.56 MHz contactless cards such as MIFARE™ for access control, the S40 can be used alongside Nortech's ISO readers, where standard card readers are fitted to normal security doors and S40 keypads are fitted to primary points of access.


  • Moving tactile key tops ensure accessibility for those with sensory impairment.
  • Enhanced security for primary points of access provided by a combination of a PIN and an associated card (dual authentication)
  • Flexibility for access options using only a card or only PIN as well as both under the control of the host system
  • Extremely reliable using HID® iCLASS® contactless technology in a robust, weather resistant keypad
  • Supports multiple technologies including iCLASS SE®, Seos®, standard iCLASS®, MIFARE™, and MIFARE DESFire™



 Supply Voltage: 5V DC OR 12V DC 
 Operating Current: 200mA Max


Operational temperature: -35ºC to +65ºC (dry)
IP Rating: IP65
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
UV resistance: Suitable for continuous outdoor use
Impact resistance: EN62262 IK09 (10J)
Shock & vibration: ETSI 6M3


Protocols: iCLASS®, iCLASS SE®, Seos®, Mifare™, DESFire™
RX/TX frequency: 13.56 MHZ
Data output format: Wiegand 26 bit, 32 bit, 34 bit or 40 bit
PIN data: 4 or 8 bit burst


 EMC emissions: CE, European Radio Directive & FCC 47CFR15B 
 EMC immunity: IEC62559-2 
 Security: UL294 NRTL Certified