7-Series Enhanced Single Channel Detector

7-Series Enhanced Single Channel Detector

'Robust and Versatile'

Robust, easy to install and perform the function that they are designed for, year after year. The range includes the PD172 and PD174 products.

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Product Features & Benefits

The PD170 detectors offer all the standard features of the PD130 range plus additional features and functionality to simplify installation and improve performance and reliability.

This single channel vehicle detector can be used to identify the presence of vehicles by means of an inductive loop buried under the road and can be used for almost any vehicle detection application. It includes many new features including AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection), which ensures less set up time, thereby simplifying the installation of complex multilane access control sites. It also ensures a low cost of ownership.

PD170 detectors, part of the 7 series, are CE tested and approved and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) - automatically selects the best frequency setting
  • Diagnostic capabilities - enables accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems using Nortech's DU700
  • Versatile relay outputs
  • Fail safe or fail secure
  • Selectable permanent presence - eliminating premature barrier, gate or door bollard closure
  • Loop isolation protection and reduced interference
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) - Facilitates the reliable detection of all vehicle combinations and high-bed vehicles
  • AFS override enables manual selection of one of four frequency options
  • Anti-locking - the detector automatically recovers from events that may cause it to be stuck in the detect state, reducing the the need to carry out a manual reset
  • Power fail feature - In the event of an interruption in the power supply, the detector returns to its detect/undetect state prior to the power failure. This prevents closing of the barrier, gate or bollard while a vehicle is present
  • The range includes the PD172 and PD174 products


Self-tuning range: 20μH to 1500μH
Sensitivity: Four adjustable on the front panel:

Ranging from 0.01% DL/L to 0.1% DL/L

ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost) selectable
Frequency: Automatic Frequency Select (AFS) and separate option to select from 4 frequencies

(Frequency determined by loop geometry)
Response Time: 200 – 300ms
Pulse Output Duration: User selectable to either 150ms or 250ms
Presence Method: Permanent or Limited
Presence Time: Permanent presence (infinite)

Limited presence - time dependant upon level of detect and environmental conditions
Drift Compensation: Incorporated automatic method of tracking changes caused by environmental conditions at a rate approximating 1% DL/L per minute (Presence Time)
Anti-locking (Positive DL/L): Incorporated algorithm accommodates the influence of positive inductance changes, the anti-lock time is 4 seconds
Power Fail Memory: Permanently on; Reset available to clear stored data
Recovery Time: Set to 80ms allowing for the detector to return to the ambient mode in preparation for arrival of the next detection
Output Configuration: Two output relays:

Relay 1 operates as a presence relay, activated on detect

Relay 2 operates as a pulse relay, activated on an event determined by the switches
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop input, gas discharge tube
Power: PD174: 12 to 24 V +/- 10% (AC/DC)

PD172: 230V +/- 10% AC