Advanced Single Channel Detector System

Advanced Single Channel Detector System

'Simplified Sophistication'

Provides a totally customisable inductive loop solution particularly suited to complex multilane access control.

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Product Features & Benefits

The range includes the PD160 single channel detector and the PD260 dual channel detector.

The ease of installation of this product is not only cost effective but a pleasure to operate when determining the optimal parameters using quick and easy-to-use on-board diagnostics.

Automatic frequency selection makes the avoidance of cross-talk quick and simple.


  • Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS) - automatically selects the best frequency setting
  • Diagnostic capabilities - enable accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems without the need for additional equipment
  • Completely configurable relay functions using LCD menu
  • Selectable permanent presence - eliminating premature barrier / gate / door closure
  • Loop isolation protection and reduced interference
  • Loop frequency indication – enables fast identification and elimination of cross-talk
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) - facilitates the reliable detection of all vehicle combinations and high-bed vehicles
  • Detect filter – screens out unwanted inputs
  • Powerfail memory - retains the presence of the vehicle when power is restored


Self-tuning range: 20μH to 1500μH
Sensitivity: Fifteen step adjustable on the LCD menu:

Ranging from 0.01% DL/L to 5% DL/L
ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost) selectable
Frequency: Eight step adjustable on LCD menu


12 – 80 kHz (Frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration: 2 output relays (3rd output optional)

Rated: 1A @ 230 VAC

Default Setting:

Relay 1 – Presence

Relay 2 – Pulse on detect

Outputs configurable for:

Presence on detect OR fault

Pulse on detect OR undetect
Filter (Delay): Eight step selectable output filter ranging from 100ms to 10 seconds.

Default setting is OFF
Pulse Output Duration: Eight step selectable on the LCD menu:

Ranging from 50ms to 2 seconds.

Default set to 150ms
Presence Time: Permanent or Limited to approximately 1 hour for a 1% DL/L
Power Fail Memory: Selectable – Infinite (refer to user manual)
Indications: All diagnostic information accessible through the LCD Menu

Additional LED’s provided for power and channel status display
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop input, gas discharge tube

12 to 24 V +/- 10% (AC/DC)

230V +/- 10% AC