Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Sign

'Cost-Effective and Customizable'

Primarily designed to display the number of available car parking spaces.

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Product Features & Benefits

The Variable Message Sign (VMS) product range is designed to be used in conjunction with Nortech’s NCT100 and NCT200 counter modules to monitor and display count values such as the number of available spaces in a car park.

The VMS displays this information to visitors at suitable locations. Its large 4-digit, LED display panel housed in an outdoor enclosure provides clear visibility.

Up to eight VMS’s can be connected on a single RS485 bus to display different count values. The count value that a VMS displays is selected by setting an associated node number on its DIP switches. More than one VMS unit can be set to display the same count value. There is a choice of red or yellow LED colours.

The LED intensity can be set to one of four levels via the NCT100 or NCT200 module to accommodate different ambient lighting conditions.



Supply Voltage: 9 to 24V DC
Current Requirement: 250mA @ 12 volts


Display: 20 x 7 LED matrix giving 4 character display (choice of yellow or red)
Viewing angle: 20o each side of centre
Housing: Black powder coated Zintec
Dimensions (mm): 380 x 205 x 120 (W x H x D)
Display adjustments: 4 brightness levels selectable via NCT100 or NCT200 module
Mounting: Options for mounting directly on a flat surface or by using brackets (included) to enable tilt adjustment for wall mounting and both tilt and pan adjustment for pole mounting (3” diameter)
Cable Termination: Plug-in screw terminal blocks


Counting capacity: -999 to 9999


Count Bus: RS485 bus from an NCT100 or NCT200 counter module delivering up to 8 count values. The count value that is displayed is controlled by the node setting on DIP switches
Display Select:

Input ground-link to select display options:

Connected: zero and minus values displayed as normal

Not connected: zero and minus values displayed as "Full"