CRC200+  Online Door Controller

CRC200+ Online Door Controller

'Versatile Networked Solution'

Forms part of an online access control system by connecting it together with Norpass3

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Product Features & Benefits

CRC200+ is suitable for controlling access through doors, barriers, rising bollards, turnstiles, etc., by validating cards, key fobs, vehicle tags, PINs, etc. It forms part of an access management system by linking it to Norpass3 Access Control Management Software together with further reader controllers.

This versatile controller can manage up to 65,000 users and supports both Clock & Data and Wiegand interface formats. It can be used to control access via 2 doors/barriers and provide local anti-passback control. It supports a range of both standalone and managed access control features.

The controller can be used for either sequential or random cards and offers a range of additional features such ‘PIN and Prox’ when used online to Norpass3.


  • Compact design allows it to be fitted in small spaces
  • Can be configured for one or two doors
  • Can be used with most reader technologies thereby supporting a wide range of applications
  • Capacity to handle up to 65,000 cards with a wide range of access rights
  • Block validation and voiding for quick and easy card management
  • Fast and simple card verification
  • Can be used with a card capture reader
  • Variable output relay timing to match most applications
  • Prevents card misuse
  • Can be readily incorporated into the Norpass3 software to reduce the cost of expansion



Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC
Current Requirement: 100 mA quiescent, 230 mA while reading (both readers)
Reader Supply: 5V DC (100mA max.) or supply voltage


Display: 2 lines x 16 character LCD
Keypad: 12 button membrane. Keys 0 to 9 plus ‘Program’ and ‘Enter’
Dimensions (mm): 190 x 130 x 43 (H x W x D)
Cable Termination: Pluggable Screw terminal blocks


Operating Temperature: 0oC to 40oC
Storage Temperature: -20oC to 70oC
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Sequential Mode: 65,000 sequential card numbers (0 - 19,999), 1,700 events
Random Mode: 8,000 random card numbers, 1,300 events


Readers: 2 x 5-wire reader interfaces for Clock & Data (ABA Track 2) & Wiegand formats
Arming:   2 independent, ground activated inputs. Open-circuit arming
Door Open Monitor: 2 independent, ground activated inputs. Monitor door open status for system alarm reporting
Request to Exit: 2 independent, ground activated inputs, each operating the associated latch relay
Tamper Input: Ground activate input - open circuit is alarm condition (online operation)


Latch Relays: 2 independent latch relays with change-over contacts rated at 2A at 30V DC
Auxiliary Output: 2 independent open-collector outputs for auxiliary control such as card capture
Door Alarm:

2 independent open-collector outputs used to indicate a door alarm condition.

Door 1 alarm doubles up as a tamper alarm output (online operation).

Assignable Output: Open-collector output controlled from Norpass3 in online operation

data communication

Management Interface: RS485 (up to 32 controllers per control port)


CRC200 to reader: Belden 9536 or equivalent (100m maximum)
RS485 comm’s: Belden 9729 or equivalent (1,200m maximum overall length)