People and Vehicle Access

The ability to control access for people both when they are on foot and when they are driving a vehicle offers great benefits in many applications. Achieving this using the same electronic ID card for both applications offers simpler management and reduces cost.

People and Vehicle Access solution diagram

If each authorised member of staff or customer is issued with an electronic ID card (proximity card or smart card) to allow them access to secured areas within a building or installation, it can be possible to allow them to use the same card to authorise the entry of their vehicle onto the site or into the car park. In addition, their vehicle can be registered on the vehicle access control system to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering or leaving the site.

This is made possible by using a Nedap Transit booster in the vehicle. The booster is essentially an RF identity tag that is fitted to the inside of the windscreen of the vehicle, where it can be detected at distances of up to 10 metres by the Transit reader located near to the entry gate or barrier.

The booster has a unique identity that can be read by the reader and then validated. In addition, the driver can insert their electronic ID card into the booster so that its identity can be read and forwarded to the long range access control reader. In this way the access control system can check both the vehicle and driver identities before deciding whether or not to open the gate or barrier.

Once the vehicle is parked, the authorised person can remove their card from the booster and carry it with them so that they can use it to access restricted areas within the building by presenting it to standard card readers at the appropriate entry points (doors or turnstiles).


  • High security installations
  • Personnel tracking
  • Taxi dispatch management
  • Fleet management (buses, trucks, service vehicles)
  • Warehouse vehicles
  • Distribution depots


  • Can be used to extend an existing standard electronic ID-based access control system to maximise perimeter security without the need to install a separate vehicle access control system or replace the existing installation.
  • Increased security by checking both vehicle and driver identities
  • The capability to read a standard electronic ID card within a vehicle while it is moving through a control point at speed can reduce delays and avoid congestion
  • Combined driver and vehicle identification can reduce costs and simplify fleet management, while minimising the risk of loss of goods and rolling stock through vehicle theft.

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