Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with their answers. If you have a question about us or our products, you may be able to find the answer here.

If you have a specific technical question about any of our products or service, click on technical FAQ's to see the list of questions. For all other questions, click on General FAQ's. If you find a question that matches yours, click it to display the answer.


General FAQs
What are your opening hours?

All departments including technical support team are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. 

Are there delivery charges?

Delivery charges are based on destination and weight of order. To find out more about delivery charges, please contact our sales team

What is the lead in time?

Depending on the product, delivery is either ex stock or within a lead time of 4 weeks from date of official order.

What delivery options are available?

UK deliveries are made via local courier. For export we use our freight forwarding agent. Alternatively customers can arrange to collect goods by their nominated carrier.

Do you sell to all of Europe, the Middle East or the rest of the world?

Yes, we export to countries all over the world.

How can I open a credit account with you?

In order to open a credit account with Nortech, contact our sales department to request an application form.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept payment via credit card and bank transfer. We can also offer credit terms after completion of our credit application form.

Do you work with installers, distributors or specifiers?

We welcome enquiries from installers, distributors and specifiers? see our 'Route to Market' page for more information.

Can I buy direct from Nortech?

Our products can be purchased from a network of approved installers of security equipment and distributors of electronic security equipment. For further details please contact our sales department

You have many products, can I get help choosing the right one for my application?

Yes, visit our 'Help Me Choose' pages. If you're still not sure, contact our sales team at or call them on 0633 485533.

Where can I find product documents?

User guides, sales sheets, quick set up guides, datasheets, brochures and application notes are available through the Support page found on the main navigation bar. There, all documents can be searched by product name or product category.

Case studies can also be found on the Support page which is also on the main navigation bar.

Am I eligible for technical support?

Technical support is available to all installers and distributors who have purchased products directly from Nortech.

If you are the end user of the system then please contact the system installer and/or the maintenance provider.

For more Frequently Asked Technical Questions please go to our Technical Support page

Does Nortech offer installation services?

No. We are a manufacturer and supplier only, but if you do need an installer, we can recommend reputable companies nationwide. Should that be the case, you can contact our sales office on +44 (0) 1633 485 533.

However, we do offer an on-site commissioning service. This service is offered to customers who require one of our technical support team to visit site to assist with commissioning and customer training. Please contact our sales department for a quotation.

Where can I download NorPass?

NorPass is available from the Installers Support section of our website. To gain access to it, phone our office and ask to speak to Marketing, who will then give you a username and password. If you are reading this shortly after our new website goes live, our Installers Section may not be available yet, and we may send you a CD with the software in the post.

Is Nortech Control Systems Ltd the same company as Nortek Security & Control ?

No. The companies are unconnected.

Technical FAQs
What is the procedure for ordering sequentially numbered credentials (cards and fobs)

When ordering sequentially numbered credentials we ask for a completed credential order form to accompany the order. Please note: details of the site code and sequential numbers are required.

Do you have wiring documents?

Our products can be configured in many ways, and there are a few variables which we, as a manufacturer, will not be aware of. Consequently, it would be impossible to create a wiring diagram for every situation.

My product is displaying an error message associated with a fault. What should I do?

If the error message has appeared on a computer, press the ‘print screen’ button. Then open a basic image programme such as MS Paint, and in a new document, press paste. Save the screenshot, and email it to the technical team.

Should the error message appear on a device, you can either write down the message, or take a picture of it with a camera. Then email the message to our technical team with a description of the fault.

The product's lights are out, and I suspect that it's no longer working. What should I do?

Conduct a fault finding exercise to isolate the problem. Once you have tried a number of avenues and the product is still not working, you are likelier to have the information which our technical department can use to fix the product. When you have that, please consult with our technical team.

What is your returns procedure?

If you wish to return a product within 28 days of the delivery, please see our warranty policy document, which explains what to do concisely and in depth