Nortech Hotel Parking & Hotel Revenue

It’s possible to both improve guest satisfaction and contribute to income by reserving hotel car parking spaces for guests and collecting parking revenue for the use of the hotel car park. Nortech's FeeMaster Smart product range enables hotel management to control access of the hotel car park without the need for expensive pay-on-foot equipment.

Nortech Hotel Parking & Hotel Revenue solution diagram

The cost-effective FeeMaster Smart solution is ideally suited to control access of hotel parking by reserving spaces for guests and collecting revenue without the need for a large initial outlay on equipment and installation work.

Nortech's card-based parking management system eliminates the need to install cabling between the components. A comprehensive tariff management system and range of customer types provides a flexible means of managing hotel staff, hotel guest and visitor parking. This stand alone system offers you and your hotel visitors the best parking access control.

Click HERE for Nortech's case study with Holiday Inn in Brighton or call us on 01633 485533 to request further information or a site visit.


  • Cost-effective and easy-to-install system enables the generation of revenue from hotel car parking with a speedy return on investment
  • Stand Alone, cable-free technology minimises the cost and disruption of civil works during installation
  • Compact and simple to use management console enables reception staff to issue parking permits
  • Built-in transaction logging helps to avoid loss of revenue through fraud
  • Prevents loss of revenue and inconvenience to guests caused by unauthorised parking
  • Card capture feature at the exit reduces fraud and keeps running costs down
  • Integration With Hotel Door Locking Systems. FeeMaster RFID cards can also be used with compatible hotel door locking systems allowing you to potentially link and control hotel room cards and car park access control.
  • Ideal parking management system and ticket dispenser solution for facilities managers and hotel maintenance managers 


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