Lift Access Control

Norpass access control can be easily integrated into a lift control system and elevator access control system to enable restricted access to certain floors within a building.

Lift Access Control solution diagram

An elevator access control system application that is very common in multi-story buildings such as multi-tenanted office blocks and hotels that need to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing certain floors via the lift(s).

As an example, in a building shared by several companies, the company that occupies the second floor may wish to prevent employees and visitor of other companies within the building from accessing their floor. For hotels to provide a safe and secure environment for their guests, it may be necessary to restrict access to the bedroom floors to paying guests and staff only, reducing the risk of theft and assault.

The Norpass elevator access control system can be integrated with the lift controls to enable the restriction to apply, whereby a particular floor can only be selected if the user has presented a lift card to a reader. Each lift card issued will permit access to certain floors but not others.

The procedure for using the lift would be to enter the lift, present a valid card to the reader and then select a floor within a short period (typical 3 seconds). If the card is valid for that floor, then the chosen floor will be selected, enabling the lift to stop at that floor and open the doors.


  • Shared office buildings
  • Companies with restricted access departments
  • Hotels
  • Department stores with office floors


  • Allows elevator access control for complete floors
  • Provides security for the occupants of multi-tenancy buildings
  • Can be used to extend an existing access control system
  • Increases security without comprising the free use of lifts for access to unsecured floors

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