Visitor Access Control

When providing secure access control for offices, leisure centres, sport and entertainment venues, etc., there is an increasing demand to use technologies that avoid physical contact. The use of contactless RFID cards or fobs is ideal for staff and members, but what about visitor management? There needs to be a way of getting a one-off or short-term pass to visitors in advance of their visit to the secured premises. Ideally, this pass would be validated at the entry point using the same access control and/or membership management system as that used for staff.

Visitor Access Control solution diagram

Nortech can provide an ideal solution using the NVITE multi-technology reader and QR codes. The reader supports most proximity and smartcard technologies as well as QR codes. It also supports smartphone BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication for future enhancement of the management system.

The QR code system allows the operator to generate a unique QR code for each visitor, which can be either sent directly to the visitor’s smartphone or sent in a form that can be printed and carried as a physical pass. In either case there is no need for any physical contact. The visitor then shows the QR code to the NVITE reader at the turnstile/speed gate when they arrive. The QR code can then be checked in the same way as any other access credential and, if valid, the visitor will be allowed to enter. The QR code pass will normally be issued as a single-use entry ticket for one-off visits or as an entry ticket to a venue or attraction, but it may also be issued for multiple access during a short validity period, depending upon the application. This would need to set up in the access control management system.


  • Visitor management for offices and industrial plants
  • Sport and entertainment venues
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Campsites
  • Visitor attractions


  • Provides contactless identification at the entry point
  • The pass can be sent electronically in advance of the visit
  • The code can be presented on either a smartphone screen or a paper ticket
  • The same reader can be used for QR codes and multiple credential technologies
  • Supports QR codes, Smartcards, Proximity cards, Bluetooth and NFC

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