Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

With Nedap’s ANPR Access licence plate readers together with Nortech’s Norpass access control system, vehicle licence plates can be used as ANPR camera system allowing authorised vehicles into controlled areas as well as for tracking the vehicles’ movements.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution diagram

Where it is necessary to control the entry of authorised vehicles into a restricted area using automatic barriers or gates, it is necessary to install a vehicle access control system.

Usually, this would require the authorised vehicles and/or their drivers to carry an electronic ID device such as a UHF or Microwave radio frequency vehicle tag or a proximity card. This would require readers to be installed at the barriers/gates and the controlled distribution of the vehicle tags/cards.

A much simpler and more cost-effective way of identifying authorised vehicles is to use their licence plates as their unique ID’s as part of an ANPR parking system. This precludes the need to purchase, distribute and manage the tags/cards and prevents fraudulent use of tags by transferring them between vehicles.


  • Company car parks
  • Hotels
  • Sports and leisure clubs
  • Contract parking
  • Fleet management
  • Distribution centres
  • Holiday parks and caravan sites


  • Precludes the need to purchase, distribute and manage vehicle tags, reducing initial investment and running costs.
  • Vehicles can be authorised in advance without the need for the vehicle to be present or for tags to be posted.
  • Licence plates are managed in the same way as standard access control credentials without the need to refer to the DVLC or other external bodies. There are no service costs or fees required.
  • Licence plates can be managed on the same system as other access control credentials avoiding the need to invest in separate vehicle and people access control systems.

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