Membership Access Control

Many fitness and leisure club providers are looking for easier and less expensive methods of controlling members’ access to club facilities. The use of QR codes is becoming popular as most of us carry our smartphones everywhere we go, and the member’s access code can easily be sent to their smartphone when they need to gain access.

Membership Access Control solution diagram

Nortech has been providing access control solutions for third-party membership software for many years. The new DeltaQuest universal OEM access control solutions together with the NVITE multi-technology reader can provide the ideal solution for the use of QR code based member access.

Where membership software can support Nortech’s proprietary OEM protocol, it simply needs to be able to generate QR codes from membership details and send them to the members' smartphones. Armed with a valid QR code, a member can access any entry or exit point that they are authorised to use.

The DeltaQuest controllers will collect the member's ID/access code at the controlled access point using the NVITE reader, and present it to the third-party membership system, together with details of the access point through which they are attempting to pass. The system software simply needs to check that the member’s access details are valid for that access point and indicate this to the DeltaQuest controller. Where the credentials are valid, the DeltaQuest controller will permit entry at the associated turnstile/speedgate.



  • Health and Fitness clubs
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Campsites
  • Visitor attractions
  • Sport and entertainment venues


  • Provides contactless identification at the entry point
  • The access pass can be sent electronically
  • The QR code can be presented on a smartphone screen
  • The same reader can be used for QR codes and multiple credential technologies such as smartcards
  • Multiple access points requiring different access rights can be supported on the same system

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