Technical Support

What We Do

The Nortech technical support team is available to support installation companies with any technical advice that they need about our products including the investigation of any suspected malfunction.

The team is happy to respond to any reasonable request to provide support and advice free of charge during the normal working week. In order to do this effectively, we expect our installers and distributors to make an effort to learn our products and to provide support their own customers. Where we feel that a request for support would result in a team member carrying out work that is above and beyond our standard technical support service, we reserve the right to charge for that support.

End users should contact their installers or resellers for help with any Nortech products.

When is Technical Support Available?

The Nortech technical support team is available between 9am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

How to Get Technical Support

To ensure that our team can offer the best possible service to our customers, it is important that you look for an answer to the problem before you contact them. The website provides a wealth of helpful technical information:

Read the Technical Manuals

We offer comprehensive technical manuals (installation manuals and user guides) for all of our products. If the problem relates to one particular product, please refer to its technical manual(s) before you request support. The problem may be resolved by a simple configuration setting adjustment or a wiring check, for instance. You can download manuals for any of our products from our Online Library.

Check our FAQ’s

Check our Technical FAQ’s to see if your question has frequently been asked by our installers.

If you still need help, then contact the technical support team as follows:

Call our main number 01633 485533 and ask for technical assistance. To get prompt support, ensure that you know the identity of the product that you have a problem with and be ready to carry out tests under the guidance of the support engineer.

Alternatively, you can email our technical support team at giving a full description of the product and the type of support that you require.

Equipment Repair Service

If you suspect that a product needs to be repaired or replaced, follow the Return and Repair Procedure