CRC220-4 Online Four Door Controller

CRC220-4 Online Four Door Controller

'4 Doors Controlled From a Single Panel'

The CRC220-4 controllers is part of a range of versatile modular on-line access control panels suitable for controlling access points such as doors and vehicle barriers by validating credentials such as cards, key fobs and vehicle tags.

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Product Features & Benefits

These controllers are components of an online access control system linked to Norpass3 Access Control Management Software via either TCP/IP or RS485.

The CRC220-4 can be used to control access through up to four doors or barriers with read-in control and free exit, while supporting a wide range of managed access control features and a comprehensive range of interface formats. The enclosure houses 2 two-door interface modules plus an integral power supply unit.


  • Easily managed using simple centralised management of data
  • Choice of mix and match module types enables cost-effective network structure
  • Support for a wide range of card formats and card reader interfaces makes it the ideal choice for enhancing an existing access control system
  • Security levels can be tailored to customer needs using optional security features
  • Improved visitor card management when used with our card capture reader
  • Meets demanding customer requirements through a choice of enclosures with tamper alarms fitted as standard plus features such as fire alarm control input, individual door alarms and configurable inputs and outputs.




Supply Voltage:

Enclosures: 240V AC

Current Requirement: 100 mA quiescent, 230 mA while reading (both readers)
Reader Supply:

 12V DC (100 mA max.) 5V DC option


Local settings:

DIP switches for setting node identity

Dimensions (mm):

PCB: 115 x 120 x 35 (H x W x D) 
Plastic enclosure: 325 x 300 x 135 (H x W x D)
Metal enclosure: 330 x 300 x 105 (H x W x D)

Cable Termination: Plug-in screw terminal blocks


Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Sequential Mode: 65,000 sequential card numbers (0 - 19,999), 1,700 events
Random Mode: 8,000 random card numbers, 1,300 events

data communications

Management Interface: RS485 or TCP/IP depending upon model


Readers: 2 x 5-wire reader interfaces for Clock & Data (ABA Track 2) & Wiegand formats
Arming: 2 independent, ground activated inputs. Open-circuit arming.
Door Open Monitor: 2 independent ground activated inputs for monitoring door open status.
Request to Exit: 2 independent ground activated inputs.
Tamper Input: Ground activated input from tamper switch on housing (where applicable).


Latch Relays: 2 independent latch relays with change-over contacts rated at 2A at 30V DC.
Auxiliary Output: 2 independent open-collector outputs for auxiliary control such as card capture.
Tamper Alarm: Open-collector output (300mA), activated when tamper alarm is active.
Door Alarm: Door 1 alarm is shared with the tamper alarm output. On CR220, door 2 alarm output is a separate open-collector output (300mA).
Assignable Output: Open-collector output controlled from Norpass3 in online operation.


CRC200 to reader: Belden 9536 or equivalent (100m maximum)
RS485 comm’s: Belden 9729 or equivalent (1,200m maximum overall length)