Norpass3 Access Control Software

Norpass3 Access Control Software

'Advanced Features - As Standard'

Together with Nortech’s modular access control panels, Norpass3 access control software provides a high degree of security and personnel safety. It has an extremely user-friendly operator interface and offers a comprehensive range of features.

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Product Features & Benefits

Norpass3 can run on any standard specifications Windows PC, and its integral web server supports additional workstations without the need to install special software on them. 

An Installation Wizard enables installers to configure the system quickly and efficiently, while user operations such as enrolling new cardholders and setting appropriate access rights are fast and simple. Information feedback is comprehensive and easy to follow.

The innovative Norpass Virtual System (NVS) allows installers to configure and test the system on any PC in advance of installation, and then take the configuration to site on a memory stick, saving time and minimising disruption.


  • Centralised management of data
  • Reduces installation time and effort using the Installation Wizard
  • Reduces operator error through unambiguous on-screen feedback
  • Increases operator efficiency with intuitive cardholder enrolment 
  • Network can be installed utilising the IT infrastructure saving time and money
  • Automatic counting of key personnel in controlled areas increases safety and security
  • Access rights management can be easily matched to organisational needs
  • Targeted increased security using optional advanced features such as 'buddy mode' and 'Card & PIN'
  • Avoids abuse of facilities through comprehensive reporting features and enforcement of limited usage of controlled areas
  • The system modularity allows organic growth with customers’ requirements
  • Designed and supported by a UK based team


Key Features

  • Fast, wizard-assisted system set-up
  • Intuitive operation and administration
  • Real time event logging
  • Definable operator privileges
  • Multiple client support via integral web server
  • Optional ‘Card and PIN’ security per door
  • ‘Buddy mode’ option per controller
  • Anti-passback option per controller with 4 reset times
  • Door monitoring and alarming
  • Roll Call/ Muster options
  • Full historical reporting
  • Powerful database filtering and reporting
  • Individual user activity history display
  • Graphical display of individual cardholder access rights
  • Configurable access levels & time periods
  • Integral badge design and printing tool
  • Integral fingerprint management for biomentric readers
  • Picture pop-up option with direct door release control
  • Enforcement of limited usage of controlled areas
  • Remote, individual door override
  • Emergency central door lock release input