TCP/IP-220 TCP/IP Adaptor

TCP/IP-220 TCP/IP Adaptor

'The Ethernet Option'

The TCP/IP-220 network adaptor enables management communication using TCP/IP as well as RS485 to provide an extremely flexible means of linking the door controllers to the management PC.

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Product Features & Benefits

The TCP/IP-220 is a network adaptor that can be fitted to any CRC220 or CRC221 door controller module to provide TCP/IP data communications between the door controller and the PC hosting the Norpass3 network management software. The interface can support the connection of a further 31 door controllers via an RS485 bus so that they can be served by the same TCP/IP port, thereby enabling flexible use of the available cabling infrastructure.

The fitting of a TCP/IP-220 adaptor is quick and simple and can be fitted to any of the door controllers on the system according to the availability of existing or planned data communications installations.


  • Enables communication over an existing data network infrastructure saving installation time and cost
  • Combining TCP/IP with RS485 allows network optimisation to reduce installation cost
  • Quick and easy to fit to new and existing controllers
  • Device installation software simplifies IP address assignment and network configuration



 Supply Voltage:  5VDC 
 Supply Current:  Typically 230mA   


 Dimensions (mm):       72 x 35 x 25 (H x W x D) 


 Operating Temp:  0°C to +70°C
 Storage Temp:  -20°C to 85°C
 Relative Humidity:  95% non-condensing