DeltaQuest Configuration and Diagnostic Software

DeltaQuest Configuration and Diagnostic Software

'Installation and maintenance made easy'

DQ-SW-01 DeltaQuest Configuration and Diagnostic Software is used for configuring and testing DeltaQuest access controllers when they are installed in a network. The software can be installed on the PC that will host the third-party access control or membership program. This powerful and user-friendly software tool is used to configure all DeltaQuest controllers in the network. It also provides a wide range of testing and device discovery features for both DeltaQuest controllers and existing CRC400 controllers that are on the network.

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Product Features & Benefits

The Configuration and Diagnostic software is an essential requirement for the installation and subsequent maintenance of a DeltaQuest access control network.

Running on a standard specification PC, it communicates with the master DeltaQuest device using either a USB port or via a TCP/IP network. It provides a user-friendly platform for the configuration and monitoring of all connected devices and the communication network. It provides a full range of functional test tools and allows the uploading of firmware updates to all DeltaQuest devices. 


  • Enable installers to remotely configure each controller in the network
  • Names and ID’s can be assigned to each device to help administrators
  • Configuration data can be saved and re-applied as necessary
  • Configuration data can be used to create PDF reports for reviewing and analysis
  • Can discover which devices are connected to the network
  • Monitors the status of each device with relation to power supply and alarms
  • Communications to and operation of each device can be fully tested
  • Firmware upgrades can be carried out remotely
  • TCP/IP network parameters can be configured
  • Supports existing CRC400 devices



PC platform: Windows 7 onward
Devices supported: All DeltaQuest and CRC400 access controllers
Communications options: TCP/IP and USB