'UHF Remote Access Control'

A high performance UHF remote control system with an outstanding reading range (up to 100 metres).

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Product Features & Benefits

UltraPass enables long-range remote control to be combined with the many benefits that an access control system provides. Individually encoded keyfobs transmit their unique codes to the UltraPass W26 receiver, where they are converted into 26-bit Wiegand numbers and passed to an access control unit.

UltraPass provides an ideal solution for remotely operating barriers, automatic gates and doors where individual access rights are managed centrally and user activities recorded. It can be added to any existing Wiegand access control platform and used alongside other access control readers and credentials, or in a standalone configuration together with one of Nortech’s standalone controllers.

Receivers and access controllers can be installed at several sites allowing the same key fob to permit access to multiple sites according to individual access rights.

The system uses the UK approved frequency of 868 MHz.



  • Individually encoded fobs
  • Up to 100m operating range (under open field conditions)

UltraPass Receiver

  • Accepts transmitter codes from Nortech RF keyfob
  • Converts transmitter codes to Wiegand format to work with standard access control systems
  • Compatible with all Nortech Controllers
  • Can be used to provide access control in addition to or instead of proximity readers and cards



Frequency: 868.3MHz
Coding: Factory coded with unique code
Range: Up to 100m under open field conditions
Power supply: 1 x 3V battery, CR2032
Indicator:  LED 
Protection:  IP54 
Dimensions (mm):  55 x 36 x 16 
Approx. weight:  17g (including battery) 

 receiver/wiegand converter (ultrapass w26)

Frequency: 868.3MHz
Power Cons: approx. 11mA (at 24V)
Output: 26 bit Wiegand
Operating Temp: -20°C to +60°C
Protection: IP54
Dimensions (mm): 110.2 x 56 x 36.5 (L x W x D)