Proximity Free Exit Device

Proximity Free Exit Device

'Wave to Exit'

Attractive stainless steel IR proximity exit button that that avoids physical contact. Fits a standard UK back box and has a detection range from 3 to 20 centimetres.

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Product Features & Benefits

This elegantly designed device incorporates an infra-red sensor to detect a hand or other obstacle that enters the detection field, which precludes the need for contact with the device.

It is designed for use in applications where it is necessary to open a door without physically touching the device. This helps to minimise contamination and spread of infection making it particularly suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, engineering facilities, food preparation and serving areas and other clean environments. They are also ideal for buildings used by disabled or elderly people.


  • Easy installation using standard UK switch box
  • Aesthetically pleasing to fit most architectural designs
  • Durable stainless steel faceplate
  • Clear standby/activated LED illumination
  • Adjustable IR detection range
  • Flush or surface mount options





Input Voltage: 12 to 20Vdc
Max. Current:  30mA (when activated) / 23mA (Quiescent) @ 12Vdc
Contact Rating:  1A @ 30Vdc (max) 


Operating Temp: -10°C to +70°C


Life:  IR Sensor > 100,000hrs / Relay > 1000,000hrs 
Case: Stainless Steel 
Panel size: Standard (UK) 86x86mm
Req'd panel depth:  15mm


Available contacts:  Normally Open & Normally Closed 
Operating distance: 3 to 20cm* (adjustable) 
Latch time:  0.8 to 30 secs (adjustable) 

* Note:  Different materials have different reflective rates. This value is based on 18% neutral grey card.