Slimline Reader

Slimline Reader

'Classic Slimline Design'

Fits most door mullion and architrave profiles that can be located either indoors or outdoors and are quick and easy to install.

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Product Features & Benefits

The SP1 reads a wide range of 125kHz type proximity cards and tokens. These may be from Nortech’s own extensive range of cards, fobs and tokens, existing third party cards and tokens, or a combination of both depending upon the application. Supports one or more card technologies together with a selection of output formats. Includes several dual technology models for simultaneously supporting two independent card technologies.

An ideal companion to Nortech’s range of access controllers, the SP1 reader series offers the perfect choice of reader for new installations, while the wide choice of supported technologies and interfaces makes it an ideal cost-effective option for extending existing third party installations and for supporting the use of existing cards and tokens in new access control applications.


  • Reader selection is simplified by combining the flexibility of the reader series with the backup of Nortech’s access control and proximity reader know-how
  • Easy installation and an elegant design enables installers to add a professional finish to any access control project
  • Compatibility with most controllers reduces the cost of upgrades and extensions
  • Offers cost savings by enabling existing cards and tokens to be re-used on new installations
  • Combined with Nortech’s access control systems, a flexible, robust and cost-effective solution can be configured to meet most small to medium access control applications



Supply Voltage: 5VDC to 16VDC
Current Requirement: 70 mA maximum


Dimensions (mm): 116 x 40 x 17 (H x W x D)
Colour: Black
Material: ABS plastic - Stabilised against Ultra Violet Light
Rating: IP66 - suitable for outdoor and indoor use


Operating Temperature: -30oC to 50oC Ambient

connection (standard version)

Pigtail Cable Length: 300mm
Cable Gauge: 7/0.2, 0.22mm stranded
Conductors: 8 core screened

operational (standard version)

Reading Range: Up to 80mm depending upon technology and the type of token or card
Audible indication: Bleeper controlled by host controller (active low)
Visual indication: One red 4mm LED and one green 4mm LED.

Red LED normally on - blinks when token or card is read.

Green LED lights when signal received from host controller on the LED line (active low)