Desktop Smart Reader

Desktop Smart Reader

'Convenient Desktop Enrolment'

Supports most card reader technologies and software applications

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Product Features & Benefits

Nortech's desktop reader can be used to input data from proximity cards, smart cards or barcodes directly into Access Control software running on a PC or into databases, spreadsheets and other PC software applications.

DT2 model can support virtually any third-party reader technology by integrating the appropriate third-party reader into the desktop unit. The data output from the reader may be in either Clock & Data or Wiegand format.


  • Compact desktop unit
  • No installation required
  • Connects to PC via a USB port
  • Inputs card data directly into a PC application window
  • Configurable via user-friendly software
  • Selectable data output format
  • Selectable terminating character
  • Supports both Wiegand and Clock & Data card data formats
  • Third-party reader integration option



Supply Voltage: if the reader requires greater than 5V @ 150mA, an appropriate power supply should also be connected


Dimensions (mm): 155 x 120 x 48 (L x W x H) (excluding attached reader)


PC Interface: USB2.0 (backward compatible)
Reader compatibility: Wiegand: up to 80 bits input from the reader, up to 32 bits output as the card number

Clock & Data: up to 40 digits input from the reader, up to 10 digits output as the card number
Termination Characters: Selectable; Carriage Return, Tab or square bracket


Internal Buzzer Operation: On/off selectable