DU800 Detector Diagnostic Unit

DU800 Detector Diagnostic Unit

'No more DIP switch setting - Wifi configuration and diagnostics using a smartphone'

The DU800 is a hands-free, WLAN diagnostic unit and is compatible with Nortech’s latest 8 series parking detectors. The DU800 provides a wireless communication channel with the parking detector, thereby allowing complete detector configuration and installation verification.

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Product Features & Benefits

The unit attaches to the front of any of the latest 8 series parking detectors and transfers data to and from the detector via the USB connection. A Nortech Diagnostic App, Integr8, is available for download for both iOS and Android smart devices from their respective stores.

Data between the smart device and parking detector is sent over a WLAN link to the Integr8 App that displays the detector configuration and installation information. Data displayed includes graphical and text-based representations of loop excitation frequency, loop frequency drift, minimum and maximum loop frequency deviation and all detector configurations.

Changing configuration parameters within Integr8 will update the settings on the parking detector accordingly and the installation feedback will be updated. Integr8 has the capability of generating PDF reports based on the installation information gathered by the DU800 Diagnostic Unit. These reports may then be used for site sign off and future reference.


  • Compact, hands-free WLAN device
  • Wireless detector configuration tool
  • A complete installation report generated for site sign off
  • Performance checks on loop and installation
  • Compatible with all PDx8x Parking detectors
  • Operating range of up to 20 metres
  • DU800 PDX8X Detector Diagnostic Unit



Power Supply: USB Powered (5V 150mA) 
Visual Indications: 1x bi-colour LED (Red and Green) 
Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz
Sensitivity Resolution:  0.001 % ΔL/L
Operating Systems: iOS and Android
Storage Temp.:  
-40°C to +85°C
Operating Temp.: -40°C to +60°C
Dimensions: 86mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 16mm (H)
Operating Range: Up to 20 metres