Single Channel Traffic Detector

Single Channel Traffic Detector

'Enhanced Vehicle Detector'

Single channel microprocessor based detector designed specifically for traffic control applications.

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Product Features & Benefits

The TD136 has been designed using the most up-to-date technology in order to meet the requirements of a vast number of traffic applications in terms of operating conditions and functional options available to the user.

The primary function of the detector is to detect vehicle presence by means of an inductance change caused by the vehicle passing over a wire loop buried under the road surface.

The loop detector has been designed for ease of installation and convenience. Its modes of operation are selected by switches on the front of the unit. The switches also allow for different loop frequency settings and sensitivity settings.

The TD136 Enhanced Vehicle Detector provides visual output on the front of the enclosure and relay change-over contacts are connected at the rear.

The TD136 Enhanced Vehicle Detector is also provided with an integral fault relay, which will provide an output in the event of a loop fault condition.


  • Compact size allows this detector to be incorporated into any new or existing traffic detection system
  • Comprehensive diagnostics capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems
  • Selectable presence times of 1 second, 4 minutes, 40 minutes or no fixed time
  • Loop isolation protection against lightning and transient damage and filtering to reduce interference from external noise
  • Loop frequency indication and adjustment to eliminate Interference between adjacent loops
  • Continuous monitoring of external parameters to ensure reliable performance & operations
  • Delay on detect feature allows selective detection to screen out unwanted inputs
  • Visual loop fault monitor help in localising the fault in the event of a maintenance call-out


Self-tuning range: 20 to 1500 μH
Sensitivity: Four step switch selectable

High 0.02% DL/L

Medium High 0.05% DL/L

Medium Low 0.10% DL/L

Low 0.50% DL/L
Frequency: Four step switch selectable 12-80Hz

(Frequency dependent on loop geometry)
Relay Outputs: Presence Relay

Fault Relay
Presence Relay: Change-over (Fail-safe)
Presence Time: Switch selectable:

1 Second, 4 Minutes, 40 Minutes,

No fixed time-out (limited presence)

(No fixed time-out dependant on inductance change - approx. 1 hour for 3% D L/L)
Delay Time: Switch selectable:

0 seconds, 10 seconds. 20 seconds, 30 seconds
Fault Output: Separate fault monitor output relay

Operates under the following conditions:

1. Loop open/short circuit

2. Detector/power fault
Visual Indications: 1 X Power LED - Red

1 x Channel Status LED - Green
Reset: Reset by push button on front of enclosure
Surge protection: Loop isolation transformer, gas discharge tubes, and Zener Diode clamping on loop input
Power requirements: 230 VAC +/-10 % (48 to 62 Hz)

120 VAC +/-10% (48 to 62 Hz)

12V to 24 V AC/DC +/- 10% (48 - 62Hz)
Current draw: 1.5 VA Maximum @ 230 V
Relay Contact Rating:  5 A @ 230 VAC
Operating Temp: -40°C to +70°C
Humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity without condensation
IP Rating: IP30
Housing Material: ABS blend
Mounting Position: Shelf or DIN rail mounting
Connections: 11-pin Submagnal