FeeMaster Smart Software

FeeMaster Smart Software

'User friendly adminisration with extended features'

The FeeMaster Smart Software enables user friendly administration of the FeeMaster Smart attendants console and provides addition administration features.

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Product Features & Benefits

Nortech's Feemaster Smart software is a parking management software which runs on a standard specification PC and communicates with an attendants console via a USB/RS485 adaptor and interface cable. The cable plugs into a socket on the rear of the console and can be temporarily connected for configuration and for downloading the transaction log, or it can be permanently connected where constant transaction monitoring is required.

The program enables the administrator to add, remove and modify authorised users, gather data on past transactions, configure tariff programs and rates, and configure how the console operates. This includes what is printed on receipts and exit tokens and what appears on the customer fee display.


  • Runs on standard specification PC
  • Can be connected permanently or only when required
  • Reads the current configuration of a console
  • User friendly system for updating the configuration of the console
  • Enables a choice of 3 different types of tariff system and provides a user friendly tariff management interface
  • Allows the analysis of transactions carried out on the console with filtering by user and/or transaction type and the option to export reports for further analysis


PC platform: Windows 7 onward
Tariff Programs: 

Standard (fixed hourly/daily rates -3 tariff levels)

Variable (variable hourly rate according to length of stay)

Matrix (rates according to time of day and day of week)

Reporting: Event reporting by user and event type. Export as CSV files.
Communications options: RS485 (via USB port and adaptor)