Full Colour Parking Guidance Sign

Full Colour Parking Guidance Sign

'Parking guidance display with direction arrows'

High intensity, full colour LED sign indicating available spaces or status messages along with guidance arrows to guide visitors towards available spaces. The sign can be used in standalone counting solutions with Nortech's NCT100 counting modules, in full Parking Count Management Systems alongside Nortech's NCT200 counting modules and NorParc Count Management Software, and for shared occupancy display with Nortech’s shared occupancy controllers (CPC202 and CPC204).

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Product Features & Benefits

The VMS-RGB-08A-P uses low profile LED matrices and is capable of displaying count values of up to 5 digits with the option to display ‘FULL’ when a count value falls below 1. It can also display a direction arrow on either the left or right side of the count value. The arrow can be set to one of 8 direction angles.

The main display options are set via the counting/control module. Display settings include the display colours and the options to replace the count value with ‘OPEN’ or 'SPACE' when the count value is 1 or more.

The sign has 10cm high characters and can be viewed at distances of up to 35 metres with a 120º viewing angle. The luminance of the signs can also be manually adjusted to match ambient light levels. The default setting provides automatic luminance adjustment using the built-in ambient light sensor.

Depending upon the application, up to eight signs can be connected on a single RS485 bus, each displaying a different count value.


  • Large 5-digit full colour LED display
  • Automatic luminance control option
  • Very low power consumption
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application
  • Selectable display of count values and/or status messages
  • Optional direction arrows for car park guidance
  • Up to 8 VMS’s can be connected to a single counting module
  • Fully compatible with Nortech count management systems




Supply voltage: 110-220vac


Operating Temp.: -25ºC to +60ºC


Display type: 8mm pitch pixel array, 3-in-1 SMD LED. Count values/status messages can be displayed in red, green or amber.
Display Resolution: 64 x 16 pixels
LED brightness: 4000 cd/m2 
Viewing angle:  120° Horizontal, 120° Vertical
Viewing distance: Up to 35 metres
Enclosure: Aluminium & RAL Black 9005 Coating (IP54 rated)
Dimensions (mm): 512 x 128 x 90 (W x H x D)
Display size (mm): 512 x 128 (~10cm high characters)
Weight: 3.5Kg
Luminance control: Built-in ambient light sensor


Display Function: Selectable up to 5-digit count, 'FULL' , 'OPEN' or 'SPACE' plus direction arrow.
(Default setting: positive count values displayed in green, zero and negative values displayed as 'FULL' in red. Arrow displayed in green by default).


Count Bus: RS485 bus from a counter module or shared occupancy controller. Delivering up to 4 count values (NCT100, CPC202 or CPC204) or up to 8 count values (NCT200). The count value that is displayed on each sign is determined by a node value assigned to the sign during installation.