NCT100 Standalone Counter Module

NCT100 Standalone Counter Module

'Versatile Standalone Counting'

A standalone four-channel counting system providing up to 4 individual counters.

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Product Features & Benefits

The NCT100 standalone counter can be combined with one or more Variable Message Signs to provide information of space availability to staff and visitors.

Alarm outputs can be associated with each counter to indicate that the count has reached a predetermined value. These can be used to operate Open/Full signs, traffic lights, barrier controls or other devices that require an input based on a count value.


  • Simple, cost effective means of providing count management for a wide range of applications and any size of car park
  • Count values are stored in non-volatile memory to guard against temporary loss of power
  • Extremely flexible - a single module can provide up to 4 counters or one counter with up to 4 increment and 4 decrement inputs
  • Powerful VMS driving capability. Can provide up to 4 count outputs



Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC
Current Requirement: 100 mA quiescent, up to 230mA while all alarms are active


Display: 2 lines x 16 character LCD
Keypad: 12 button membrane. Keys 0 to 9 plus ‘Program’ and ‘Enter’
Dimensions (mm): 190 x 130 x 43 (H x W x D)
Cable Termination: Plug-in screw terminal blocks


Operating Temperature:  0oC to 40oC
Storage Temperature: -20oC to 70oC
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Counting capacity: 4 counters, each counting up to 32700


Increment/decrement: 4 counter increment inputs and 4 counter decrement inputs (clean contact pulse)
Master count reset: Single input to set all counters to their reset value (clean contact pulse)


Alarm outputs: 2 independent voltage free changeover relays (2A, 30V DC) plus 2 open collector outputs
Pre-alarm outputs: 4 open collector outputs
Variable Message Signs: RS485 communications port supporting 4 node addresses (4 individual count values)