NCT200 Online Counter Module

NCT200 Online Counter Module

'Modular Online Counting '

Four-channel counting system that can be used as part of a count management system by linking it to the server PC of the count management system. It can also operate in standalone mode.

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Product Features & Benefits

The NCT200 can be networked to a server via either RS485 or TCP/IP as a part of a count management system. The outputs from the NCT200 can be controlled directly from the software to support centralised control of signs, alarms, door/barrier control arming, etc.

In standalone mode it operates in exactly the same way as the NCT100.


  • Simple, cost effective means of providing count management for a wide range of applications and any size of car park
  • Count values are stored in non-volatile memory to guard against temporary loss of power
  • Extremely flexible - a single module can provide up to 4 counters or one counter with up to 4 increment and 4 decrement inputs
  • Powerful VMS driving capability. Can provide up to 8 count outputs when online (assigned in count management software).




Supply Voltage: 12 - 24V DC
Current Requirement: 100 mA quiescent, up to 230mA while all alarms are active


Display: 2 lines x 16 character LCD
Keypad: 12 button membrane. Keys 0 to 9 plus ‘Program’ and ‘Enter’
Dimensions (mm): 190 x 130 x 43 (H x W x D)
Cable Termination: Plug-in screw terminal blocks


Operating Temperature:  0oC to 40oC
Storage Temperature: -20oC to 70oC
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Counting capacity: 4 counters, each counting up to 32700


Increment/decrement: 4 counter increment inputs and 4 counter decrement inputs (clean contact pulse)
Master count reset: Single input to set all counters to their reset value (clean contact pulse)


Alarm outputs: 2 independent voltage free changeover relays (2A, 30V DC) plus 2 open collector outputs
Pre-alarm outputs: 4 open collector outputs
Variable Message Signs: RS485 communications port supporting 8 node addresses (8 individual count values)

pc communication

Count Management System: RS485 communications port (can be connected via a thin server to a TCP/IP network)