NorParc Counting Software

NorParc Counting Software

'Efficient Monitoring and Parking Management'

Windows based level counting and parking guidance system that provides centralised count management, monitoring and guidance control for parking facilities that have multiple entry and exit points and/or several individual levels or sections.

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Product Features & Benefits

NorParc’s graphical user interface displays important occupancy information and alarm indications against a plan view of the facility.

Nortech have many years of experience developing innovative car park counter systems for effective people and vehicle management. Our NorParc software provides a smooth operational platform through our hassle-free parking and vehicle counting system.

All entry lanes, exit lanes and access points between levels are monitored by physical counters within NCT200 counter modules, which store the count values locally and makes them available to the NorParc software via a network connection.

NorParc maintains a database of all count values together with user settings. The count information is processed to produce values such as available spaces on individual levels, overall occupancy levels, etc.. This data can then be used to display important summary information on the PC screen as well as on strategically placed signs to enable drivers to be guided to those areas where there are more parking spaces, therefore avoiding delays.

The parking facility administrator is provided with a wealth of useful information including real-time occupancy data, early indications of potential problems and a continuous count log to facilitate the statistical analysis of daily occupancy patterns, space utilisation, etc.


  • Minimises congestion both within the parking facility and the surrounding areas
  • Data analysis allows better control of resources therefore reducing running costs
  • Less queueing improves the customer experience and lowers the effect on the environment
  • More efficient utilisation of parking spaces improves return on investment


PC platform: Windows 7 onward
Software structure: Client/Server
Number of physical counters: Up to 128
Number of virtual counters: Unlimited
Number of VMS values: Up to 256
Communications options: TCP/IP and RS485
Scalability: Licensed according to number of physical counters