NorVenue Visitor Count Management Software

NorVenue Visitor Count Management Software

'Providing Safety in Numbers'

NorVenue provides centralised count management and monitoring for a venue that has multiple entry and exit points and/or discrete areas such as stands, levels, circles, etc., where it is necessary to monitor total and individual occupancy levels.

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Product Features & Benefits

Within a NorVenue system, each entry point (and exit point, if necessary) is individually monitored by one of four counters within an NCT200 counting controller. Each counter can receive count inputs from voltage free contacts in a turnstile or similar entry control system. The NCT200 stores the count values locally and makes them available to the NorVenue software over a network connection.

NorVenue maintains a database of counter identities, count values, alarm thresholds and other user settings. It processes the count information using virtual counters to calculate and store values such as the throughput of each bank of turnstiles, the occupancy levels of individual sections and the overall venue occupancy level. These values can be used to display important summary information on screen and to drive Variable Message Signs that are strategically placed around the venue to ensure that officials and visitors are aware of the current situation.

In addition, the stadium administrator, safety officer and other key officials have access to a wealth of useful information including real-time occupancy data, early indications of potential problems and a continuous count log to facilitate the statical analysis of visitor and spectator arrival patterns, attendance, section utilisation, etc.


  • Client/Server structure supports multiple control/monitoring stations
  • Supports up to 32 counting modules (128 physical counters)
  • Supports up to 256 Variable Message Signs
  • RS485 and/or TCP/IP networking
  • Graphical views with venue plan
  • Flexible counting and response action settings
  • Comprehensive range of display options
  • Audible alarms
  • Fully centralised count management
  • Count logging and reporting
  • Scalable licence facilitates cost-effective solutions for all sizes of venue



PC platform: Windows 7 onward
Software structure: Client/Server
Number of physical counters: Up to 128
Number of virtual counters: Unlimited
Number of VMS values: Up to 256
Communications options: TCP/IP and RS485
Scalability: Licensed according to number of physical counters