Nortech products are designed and manufactured to be both innovative and reliable. All Nortech manufactured products come with a warranty against failure due to faulty design, materials or workmanship. The period of cover depends on the type of product (see ‘Product Categories’ below) and runs from the product shipment date.

Products supplied by Nortech but manufactured by our technical partners are covered by an original manufacturer’s warranty that Nortech extends to its customers. The period of cover for each of these products are included in ‘Product Categories’ below.

For Nortech manufactured products, Nortech will make good, by repair or the supply of a replacement, any defects that appear in a product within the warranty period under proper use, provided that the defective product is returned to Nortech’s headquarters according to Nortech’s Return and Repair Procedure.

For distributed products, the same procedure is followed by the customer, and Nortech coordinates the test and repair process with the appropriate manufacturer.

Product Categories

Access Control

standalone access control

NanoQuest Compact Door Controller 12 months   
CRC200 2-Door Controller 2 years      


DQ-S2-PH DeltaQuest in Plastic Enclosure with PSU 2 years                     
DQ-S2-PX DeltaQuest Interface PCB Module 2 years

networked access control

CRC220+ Online Door Controller 2 years             
CRC221-1 Online Single Door Controller 2 years
CRC221-2 Online Two Door Controller 2 years
CRC220-4 Online Four Door Controller 2 years
TCP/IP-220 TCP/IP Adaptor 2 years


Readers and ID Devices

proximity readers

Mullion Mount Reader 5 years
Wall Switch Reader 5 years
Flush Mount Reader 5 years
Slimline Reader 5 years
Vandal Resistant Reader 5 years
Panel-Mount Reader 5 years
Desktop Reader 5 years  
Indala Readers 5 years

smart card readers

Mullion Mount Reader 5 years
Wall Switch Reader 5 years
Desktop Reader 5 years

id devices

Biometric Readers 12 months     
HID iCLASS Readers 5 years
HID Indala Readers 5 years
Aperio™ Wireless Door Handle Reader 2 years
Card Capture Reader 12 months
Magnetic Stripe Reader 12 months
Keypads 12 months
uPASS Access 2 years


Long Range Identification
uPASS Reach 2 years
ANPR 2 years
ANPR HD 2 years
UltraPass 12 months
Transit Ultimate 2 years


Vehicle Detection and Parking

inductive loop detectors

Single Channel Vehicle Detector 2 years
Dual Channel Vehicle Detector 2 years
7-Series Enhanced Single Channel Detector 5 years
7-Series Enhanced Dual Channel Detector 5 years
Advanced Single Channel Detector 5 years
Advanced Dual Channel Detector 5 years
Detector Diagnostic Unit 2 years
Single Channel Traffic Detector 2 years
Dual Channel Traffic Detector 2 years
Multiple Function Detector                2 years           

vehicle counting system

NCT100 Standalone Counter Module 12 months
NCT200 Online Counter Module 12 months
CPC202 and CPC204 Shared Occupancy Controllers 12 months
Variable Message Sign (VMS) 12 months               
Space Full Sign 12 months

parking management system

FeeMaster Smart Console 12 months
FeeMaster Entry Station 12 months
FeeMaster Smart Exit Station 12 months  

Exclusions and limited liability

Nortech will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential losses. Nortech’s liability is limited to the product’s value, or cost of its repair/replacement.

The warranty does not cover faults caused by improper use of the product, careless handling, inappropriate electrical load, or not being installed to Nortech’s installation specifications and guidelines.

Warranty Repair or Replacement

If your product fails within its warranty period, please follow the Return and Repair Procedure.

For more information on the terms of the warranty and of our 28-day returns policy, see Warranty and Return Policy Guidelines.